Having the Business Skills to Define a “Product” in the Digital Age

I recently read an excellent blog by Arindam Bhattacharya a Senior Partner and Director at the Boston Consulting Group titled “How Digital is Redefining the Meaning of Products.” In his blog, Mr. Bhattacharya presents an interesting hypothesis that a “Product” in 2017 and beyond is no longer something companies manufacture and sell, but rather part of a system of interconnected goods and services. He writes that today, what once was a simple air conditioner that you would use in a home to keep it cool is now an integrated system of hardware and software that monitors rooms, optimizes energy, and provides unpresented data analytics that can be used for marketing and other purposes. This “service” prompts the question an interesting question; what is the company that makes the air conditioner really selling? A piece of equipment or a temperature controlling service?

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