How to Communicate a Strategy When You Don’t Agree with It

On Tuesday, I published a blog called Developing Accountability for Strategies Leaders May Not Agree With.  The focus was developing the skills of people who work for you who may not understand, buy-in, or be accountable for the change.  As a follow-up to that blog, I continue with the same theme, but from the perspective of a leader who is stuck in a situation of trying to communicate the change when you don’t agree with it.  The blogs are slightly in contrast, but they are both extremely realistic and focus on the skills and tools needed to be successful in the long run.

During a workshop I led earlier this week, a participant raised one of her most significant challenges she faces as a front-line leader and I will admit that in 25 years of facilitating leadership development workshops I’ve never heard it before.  Which means it’s either something new or it’s something not a lot of people like to talk about.

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