How to Implement an LMS, Part 4: The Vendor Search

If you’ve been following this series on How to Implement and LMS, you’ll be relieved to know that we’re done with the analysis phase! Yes, it was painful, but now you know what you need from an LMS and what your organization can handle technologically, which means you’re ready to start looking at actual LMS vendor options. There are literally hundreds of LMS options out there, and sifting through them will take some time and effort.

Take a little time to go over your list of what an LMS needs to be able to do for you and pick out the half-dozen or so most important items. As you look at various options, you’ll be able to quickly cross the ones off the list that can’t meet one of your priority requirements. Some that might help you quickly eliminate many platforms: Multilingual capability; meeting specific security standards; scalability for potential rapid growth in users; and so on.

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