How to Make Difficult Decisions Infographic

How to Make Difficult Decisions Infographic

Decision-making can be a paralyzing prospect: the big choices we face about how we live and work have ramifications a long way down the line. Without 20/20 foresight, the options available to us can pose a potentially endless series of knock on-effects – for better or worse. The use of tried-and-tested decision-making strategies, however, has been shown to cut failure rates by nearly 50%, suggesting that with applied technique, making your choice needn’t be an intimidating task.

Before even approaching a decision, it is advisable to make sure you fully understand the issue at hand. This means taking a step back to consider the situation objectively, and then applying Sakichi Toyoda’s 5 Whys technique to trace the problem back to its deepest root cause. Toyoda was a big figure in the Japanese industrial revolution, and his method is still used over seven decades later, so he knew a thing or two about making an informed decision.

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