How to Use Dynamic Media to Engage Millennial Learners

Many predictions about the future have been spectacularly wrong; for example, in 1948, Mary Somerville of Radio Educational Broadcast assured us that “Television won’t last. It’s just a flash in the pan.” Variety Magazine assured us in 1955 that “Rock ‘n’ Roll would be gone by June.” And, in 2005, Nikki Finke of LA Weekly assured everyone that the launch of the Huffington Post website venture is “the sort of failure that is simply unsurvivable.” One prediction that isn’t so inaccurate is that by 2020, almost half of the workforce will be Millennials.

Why does this prediction matter? Millennials think differently, respond differently and view learning differently. One distinction that sets Millennials apart from Gen X and Baby Boomers is how they think about technology. Millennials are the first generation of digital natives. They grew up with the internet, social media, smartphones and texting. Technology is integral to their everyday lives, and they are extremely reliant and comfortable with it.

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