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Hello Everyone!

Something I have neglected to do over the years is work on creating a portfolio.
I figured I would begin doing that. I also thought I would share something here as well.

I have been working on developing an interactive digital multimeter and test board with a simple circuit.

The board has eight test points and four dip switches while the meter has four settings of OFF, Current, Voltage, and Resistance.

This is a subset activity for a much larger course. After the prerequisite learning has taken place, the learner should be able to successfully participate in this activity. The activity would also include some questions for the learner to respond to as verification that they have understood what is going on.

The highlights of this activity are the drag and drop capabilities along with the tracking of over 2600 test point, dip switch, and multimeter setting combinations. The activity uses javascript and many different display states as well to help simulate what we would normally do in a face-to-face setting.

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