Leadership in Holacracy: Everybody’s business


What happens to leadership, and how do you develop it, when there are no management positions to tie it to?

This article assumes you already know what Holacracy is. For a short introduction click here.

Ever since Zappos ‘converted’  in 2014, Holacracy has been making headlines. Why would you want to do it? How does it work? Can it even work? And recently, as a natural next step:

What about leadership in Holacracy?

The task for organizations is still the same: create an inspiring workplace where people can thrive. Traditional organizations use managers as agents to achieve that end. More often than not however, this proves to be highly challenging. The responsibility for an individual to act both task-oriented and people-oriented at the same time, to focus on the bottom line, and equally provide inspiration for the team, frequently clash.

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