Linkedin Learning Mini Review

Let’s dive right in.

I should note, that you do not need a Linkedin account to use Linkedin Learning “ELearning Platform (their name)”.  But, I’d recommend it.

For clarity sakes,  “green happy face” means – good/very good/excellent

Yellow blah face – means average – sort of the blah of “blah”, been there, seen that. 

Red unhappy face – means poor, below poor, yuck.  And yuck is like stepping in something you think is mud, but isn’t. 

What makes mini reviews different than my other product reviews?

No images. No screens, nothing.  Just text to paper, err blog in this case. Good/Avg./Bad – tells the story, no really in-depth here, okay, there is, but not a REALLY breakdown by each section per se. Shorter in length – it is a mini review after all.

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