Machine Learning: the future of learning?


When thinking about machine learning, you would be forgiven for thinking that it’s something used exclusively for large and complex projects like, for instance, NASA’s path planning of robots deployed to other planets. You might even think of it as something out of a science-fiction film where machines have taken over the world. In reality, machine learning is everywhere and you are reaping the benefits in your daily life.

Google, a major player in machine learning, are trying to build it into all of their products. Their applications range from improving search engine functionality to powering self-driving cars. In a series of recent AI acquisitions, Google bought London-based artificial intelligence firm Deepmind technologies, whose AlphaGo program defeated the strongest Go player in the world yet again this year. This was a huge milestone in machine learning as Go is a notoriously difficult game for computers to play, largely due to there being more legal board positions in the game than atoms in the universe.

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