Micro Learning: Impact on E-learning Design and Development

Micro learning or Bite-sized learning – an e-learning paradigm that has taken the corporate training world by storm. In a recent survey conducted by Rapid Learning Institute, nearly nine out ten L&D professionals stated that bite-sized online learning modules are their priority. The huge increase in the use of short online learning modules has resulted in major changes in world of e-learning design and development. Let us now see what they are.

Changes in presentation patterns of learning content

Michael Kerres in his whitepaper Microlearning as a challenge for instructional design points out that many online course designers follow temporal dramaturgies while creating e-learning courses. For instance, a vast majority of “traditional” online courses have a beginning, description of the subject-matter, a few exercises, and an ending. Prof. Kerres states that these lesson dramaturgies are absent in bite-sized learning modules and they convey the information “directly”.

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