Microlearning Videos: 5 Tips to Create Engaging Snippets

Given the short attention spans of learners today and the need to access information at the point of need, organizations are using microlearning to offer training nuggets accessible across multiple devices. Microlearning is not always in the form of a traditional e-learning course. It can be in multiple formats – videos, podcasts, infographics, blogs, games – not more than 5 minutes long. Of these, video is the most common format. Creating a microlearning video, however, is not like creating any other learning video. Here are 5 tips to create engaging microlearning videos:

1. Create a storyboard first

Even if you have the most talented video developers, the best video-maker tool, and great content, it is very difficult to get the desired output without a blueprint. Do not start off with the video development process; first create a blueprint or storyboard of what you want the video to contain and how it should be communicated. This ensures you and the video developers are on the same page and they fully understand your requirements. It also helps avoid a lot of rework during the development stage.

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