New feature! All answers to a question considered correct- survey questions

Now you can  set questions up as survey questions. It means that all players` answers to the question are considered correct. Sometimes there is a need to get a response  from the players in an open form, and reward them for that. Sometimes you need to find out which option is preferred. Now you can do that and set a question as a survey question. It means that all the answers  given or chosen by the players  are considered correct.

Question types that are affected by this are a multiple choice, multiple answer, text and number type of questions. You can find the feature while creating a question in the “Additional settings” tab. Tick the option if you wish to set up the question as a survey question.

Use this feature to drop into the game an occasional survey question to gather players` feedback on anything. It is a good way to get feedback so that players almost don’t notice it between other questions which have correct or wrong answers.

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