Positioning Talent as the Key Driver of Business Effectiveness

It is time to move beyond saying that talent is an organization’s most important asset. Organizations need to behave in ways that recognize the strategic importance of talent, and to make organization design and strategy decisions based on their ability to attract and manage talent. For decades, CEOs have talked about how people are their most important asset, but they have not behaved accordingly when it comes to developing their business strategies, organization designs, and talent management practices. If organizations are to thrive, it is imperative they make talent management a key part of their business strategy and management decision-making.

How can they do this? First, they need to recognize that the business world has changed. A number of major evolutions, including the globalization of business, advances in technology, and the rapid rate of change in the business environment, have made this happen. These changes have created a world in which an organization’s talent management principles and practices have become the major determinant of its effectiveness.

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