Renewable Energy is the Future


2017 has left many fearful for the future of the energy industry. Current domestic policy seems to place heavy emphasis on fossil fuels like coal and oil. However, green energy is still winning victories and positioning itself as the future of our power.

Renewable energy is growing at remarkable rates, to the point where the implementation of the systems is limiting growth more than market demand.

Electricity generation by renewable energy is already creeping up on that of natural gas in countries all over the world, the United States included.

Renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal already make up 15% of United States energy generation as of 2016. If you include nuclear, “green” energy produced 35% of the power in the United States. This beats out both coal, at 30.4%, and natural gas, at 33.8%. While this means that fossil fuels still nearly double the production of green energy, neither fossil fuel industry standing alone produces more energy in the US than green energy.
This trend is mirrored across the globe.

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