Sharon Combines her Social Sciences and Art Background with Tech to Become a Front-end Developer

Coding Bootcamp Grad Combines Social Sciences and Art Background with Tech to Become a Front-end Developer

Sharon was working several small jobs and in graduate school when she found out about We Can Code IT. With her passion for helping others, she wanted to learn to code so she could make an even stronger impact. Last June, we shared Sharon’s experience at the 4th Annual LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Summit + Fellowship at Google in Washington D.C. After working in consulting for a few months after graduation, Sharon landed a new job as a UX/Front-end Developer at Findaway!



What were you up to before We Can Code IT?

I got my B.A. from Adrian College in 2008. I majored in History with a minor in Sociology and a Cultural Anthropology concentration. I worked a ton of random jobs while trying to figure out my life purpose. I was a baker, I did office jobs and I worked in social service amongst other things. I ended up going back to school because that felt like a safe way to explore career options and finish with some type of credential that would allow me to secure a job.

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