Solving the challenges of offline learning webinar Q&A

As always, your questions made our latest webinar, ‘Solving the challenges of offline learning,’ even better. We’ve posted a handful of your inquiries, along with gomo MD Mike Alcock’s responses. If, after reading, you still have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Q: Can you add custom xAPI statements with the authoring tool, or are they predefined?

A: Currently they’re predefined as: which screens were visited, how long was spent on each screen and which questions were answered right and wrong. These limitations are in place now; however, we’re planning on adding custom xAPI statements. We are also currently testing the functionality to the right/wrong questions-and-answers statement so that administrators can see common incorrect answers to certain questions, for example where users answered with ‘2’, instead of the correct value ‘3’, you would be able to identify this choice as a common mis-response and then assess the issues.

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Lesson 5. Inquiring Minds: Creating Enhanced Learner Assessments [Webinar recording] Solving the challenges of offline learning

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