The 70:20:10 Methodology – Part 3

The third part of a series of articles about the 70:20:10 methodology for Learning and Development. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Advanced Mobility: Supporting Knowledge Sharing

It’s not just the technology that makes a solution complex or futuristic. Here’s a classic example that many organizations should be able to relate to […]

4 Business Models That Redefine L&D With 70:20:10

For many years, L&D (Learning and Development) has been trying to show the value of learning. It has modernized the services it provides, organised its […]

Cracking The Code Of 70:20:10

70:20:10 appears to be the new gold standard for Learning and Development. However, it is creating its own jargon in which services are referred to […]

5 Reasons You Need To Curate Content For Continuous Learning

How do you keep your learners smart every day? Courses alone won't cut it. They're great in the moment, but things change. To stay smart […]

70:20:10 Challenges: Turning Curation Into Knowledge Sharing

Most curated content does not qualify as knowledge sharing, whereas if done correctly it can be a very powerful tool. This article explains how to […]

Microlearning: The Future Of Corporate Learning And Development Scenario

Our workplaces are changing almost as fast as the technology that ‘often’ causes much change. The future of corporate Learning and Development is changing in […]

Microlearning In Learning And Development: The Digital Industrial Revolution

Technology and job functions are changing rapidly. In today’s fast-paced digital environment people need to constantly up-skill, but have little time to learn. Microlearning offers […]

Making Learning Work

If we want to build agile, responsive, and high-performance workforces, we need to shift from learn-then-work to learning from work. This post was first published […]

70:20:10 - Everything You Need To Know

An evaluation of the current state of learning in the workforce. 70:20:10 could be the projected solution to all of our learning deficits. This article […]

7 Gold Standards Of Deliberate Practice: Why Max Verstappen Has No Talent

Is Max Verstappen a “born” Formula One driver? Does he have motor racing in his genes? According to psychologist Anders Ericsson, his success is the […]

70:20:10: Working = Learning At The Speed Of Performance

With training we are solving yesterday’s problems. In 21C, Learning and Development has to be prepared to deliver the right information at the right time, […]