Top 10 Key Skills for a Training Manager

Thanks to Charles Jennings for this image from pixabay. At the end of a busy day, we’re reflecting on what skills and experience a training […]

Find, Build or Purchase Performance Consulting Skills Sooner Than Later

We have no shortage of targets at which we can fire our L&D solution arrows. Too often just hitting the target with training is viewed […]

Don’t Skimp On Discovery @ Point-of-Work

This post was triggered and complimentary to Bob Mosher’s post on 11/17…an important read that I agree with completely. What I offer today is an […]

7 Steps Towards Social Learning

By Ketaki Dhere Employees today are well aware of the changing skill sets that their professional fields require. In order to keep pace with the […]

#GuildChat for 11/10/17: Supporting Informal Learning

Our next #GuildChat takes place Friday, November 10th at 11am PT / 2pm ET. Our topic for this week’s chat is on Supporting Informal Learning. We were […]

L&D: Chasing Right Outcomes With Wrong Outputs

We cannot begin the effort by looking through a “training solution lens”. I can always build training IF NECESSARY. BUT…if emphasis is not first laser-focused […]

Point-of-Work & ADDIE? Say It Ain’t So…

My recent post  “70:20:10 – Myth or Legend?” roused a few readers to offer up some really solid comments, and there were a few that […]

70:20:10 – Myth or Legend?

There is a myth involved…perpetuated by a long-held belief that training drives performance. In truth, training only drives potential; performance does not manifest until business […]

How E-learning Can Benefit Companies – Corporate Training

Today, in the middle of the era of innovation, e-learning takes a prominent place in corporate life. Every business implements various methods to gain high […]

Hijack Learning Retention Rates by Teaching Learners to Fish

by Shane Lueck It’s time to face the facts; traditional training is broken. Traditional training methods might provide very short-term performance gains, but knowledge retention […]

70:20:10 Founder Tackles Social Learning Questions in Video Series

View this exclusive Ask The Experts series for insight on 70:20:10 and social learning Implementing and measuring social learning within an organization can be tough […]

E-Learning is a vacation… said no learner ever

One of the first things I learned when I started to teach many years ago, is that you have three types of participants: – Prisoners: […]