Development of materials for online, distance, blended and campus-based courses can be a pleasurable experience. It can also be fraught with issues not least constraints […]

Worth Sharing: Why Design Thinking is bullshit

With a Hat-Tip to Alex Bruton for sharing this. This is yet another one of these “hot new terms” that people like to say in […]

Worth Sharing: The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ NYT

Colleges should stop trivializing the transmission of knowledge. Source: Opinion | The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ I love having objective, clear-cut descriptions of […]

Worth Sharing: Would College Students Retain More If Professors Dialed Back The Pace?

Why do we forget so much of what we read? Anthropologist Barbara J. King suggests that the answer might point toward benefits of a slower […]

Worth Sharing: Why I Stopped Writing on My Students’ Papers

A professor decides it’s time to reconceive how he comments on essay assignments. This is GREAT! I have taken to requiring my students to do […]

5 Tools to Make Research Writing Easier

Tools for research writing cover a broad range of purposes for the user. From plagiarism checkers to reference databases and grammar tools, here are 5 […]

Thousands of teachers caught cheating in exams

I have long thought that the way to change the problem of cheating in exams (and assignments) is to reduce the risk associated with any […]

Another example of the Randomness of Grades

I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems | The Huffington Post Source: I Can’t Answer These Texas Standardized Test Questions […]

The Randomness of Grades: Are all ‘B’s the Same?

Last time we looked at how different a score of 75% can be, depending on which 75% the student got right in an exam where […]

Grades: The Random Factor, Problem 2

Problem 1, as outlined yesterday is that we really have no objective way of ensuring that our exams actually ‘cover’ the course content. Now, what […]

The Randomness of Grades: What is an ‘A’ Student?

We all have a sense of what an ‘A’ Student is. They are the ones who have earned our top marks, of course. But comparing […]

Grades: The Random Factor

How much of your students’ grades in your courses is subject to random chance? Is your first reaction a defensive one? “Why, NONE, of COURSE!” […]