2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning — from educause.edu      

#374 Use iOS to magnify your world!

The magnifier is a useful, but slightly hidden, accessibility feature in iOS. Once you have switched the magnifying tool on, you only need a triple […]

Why Accessibility Matters in Online Learning

Sample Bar Graph that Includes an Accessible, Alternative Version in a Table Technology is present in every facet of life. It is now common in […]

#369 Worried your PowerPoints aren’t accessible? Get some help!

PowerPoint has an inbuilt tool to help make sure that your slides are optimised for people using screen readers. They also include a really helpful […]

What You Need to Know About the New 508 Compliance Rules

  508 compliance—it’s the hottest topic in eLearning! Okay, that might be a stretch, but creating accessible learning is worth talking about, especially if you […]

be the change

The end of 2017 has been marked by a two incidents. First was the laptop. A complaint was made about me using one in a […]

Alexa, how can you improve teaching and learning? [Roddy]

Alexa, how can you improve teaching and learning? — from edscoop.com by Kate Roddy with thanks to eduwire for their post on this Special report:? […]

Some predictions for 2018: Learning-wise & tech-wise

eLearning: Predictions for 2018 — from news.elearninginside.com by Cait Etherington Excerpts: The educational technology sector grew substantially in 2017 and all signs point to even […]

The Section 508 Refresh and What It Means for Higher Education [LaGrow]

The Section 508 Refresh and What It Means for Higher Education — from er.educause.edu by Martin LaGrow Excerpts (emphasis DSC): Higher education should now be […]

How Audio Can Improve Online Learning

As the methods for seamlessly including rich media assets in eLearning continue to improve, instructional designers are finding creative uses of audio and video to […]

Fill the Curriculum Gaps in Your K-12 Online Course Content

Digital content can be part of many programs in K-12 school districts, including self-paced, individualized instruction and remediation, credit recovery, curriculum for alternative school settings, […]

Universal Design for Learning

Universal design (UD) refers to the consideration of the needs for persons with disabilities in regards to physical spaces and objects.  The Principles of Universal […]