2018 Workplace Learning Report [LinkedIn.com]

2018 Workplace Learning Report — from learning.linkedin.com Excerpts: The path to opportunity is changing The short shelf life of skills and a tightening labor market […]

Swapping Face-To-Face Learning For eLearning

Original Article https://elearningindustry.com/swapping-face-to-face-learning-for-elearning-4-benefits Swapping Face-To-Face Learning For eLearning? Enjoy These 4 Benefits Traditionally, corporate companies have favored face-to-face learning (Instructor-Led Training or classroom training) for […]

Why Professors Doubt Education Research [Young] + “Personalized Faculty Development: Engaging Networks, Empowering Individuals” [Leafstedt]

Why Professors Doubt Education Research — from edsurge.com by Jeff Young Excerpts: You found that professors really care about their teaching, and yet they are […]

Adult Learning Theories Every eLearning Designer Must Know

  Original Article from https://www.td.org/insights/3-adult-learning-theories-every-e-learning-designer-must-know As an instructional designer, you want to create courses that make a difference to your audience’s lives. You want to […]

Who’s Teaching the Teachers? [Alsop]

Who’s Teaching the Teachers? — from chronicle.com by Elizabeth Alsop Excerpts (emphasis DSC): Last fall, the academic career coach Jennifer Polk conducted an informal Twitter […]

Are you a Change Activator or Change Inhibitor?

After publishing my recent article on Change Challenges, it kept me thinking of how this can all be summed up in one simple catch phrase. […]

How can we develop e-learning that respects adult learning principles?

Repost and update from ’Can we develop e-learning that respects adult learning principles?’ (November, 2013) Many adult learners consider the packaged e-learning modules offered by […]

DC: Might Alexa be a tool to periodically schedule & provide practice tests & distributed practice on content?

From DSC: After seeing the article entitled, “Scientists Are Turning Alexa into an Automated Lab Helper,” I began to wonder…might Alexa be a tool to […]

Change Challenges – what will you do in eLearning?

Whilst scrolling through my twitter feed, I came across the image below which got me to thinking of how relevant it is for eLearning. We […]

Why You Need Learning Analytics In Digital Design

Original Article Why You Need Learning Analytics In Digital Design – eLearning Industry  By Kirstie Greany and Lori Niles-Hofmann The key is not to think […]

Data Driven Learning Design

Recently I came across a fantastic eBook on Data Driven Learning Design by Lori -Niles-Hofmann [twitter] that you should really have a read of if […]

eLearning For Adult Learners: 6 Obstacles To Overcome

Adult learning is daunting for both adult learners and their online instructors. However, is it possible that the biggest challenge to adult education exists right […]