“With great tech success, comes even greater responsibility” [Miller] + “Why the public overlooks & undervalues tech’s power ” [Piacenza]

With great tech success, comes even greater responsibility — from techcrunch.com by Ron Miller Excerpts: As we watch major tech platforms evolve over time, it’s […]

“How to Set Up a VR Pilot” + 6 other items re: AR, VR, MR & XR

How to Set Up a VR Pilot — from campustechnology.com by Dian Schaffhauser As Washington & Lee University has found, there is no best approach […]

I posted this a long time ago on the blog, and I just came...

I posted this a long time ago on the blog, and I just came across it the other day. I got to thinking about the […]

#390 iOS Control Centre – No sound and do not disturb settings

In recent times Apple have moved settings around and it’s not always obvious where to find them. We’ve recently experienced one of our academics having […]

#387 iOS Screen recording with audio

So a while back we posted that you could screen record directly on your iOS device and save the video to your camera roll. Wouldn’t […]

#385 Amending iOS Location & Data Settings

Sometimes eagerness takes over and we can mistakenly accept or decline settings. If your iPhone or iPad apps are asking for location settings or mobile […]

#381 Take control of iPhone camera settings with the Moment Lens app

This free nifty little iPhone app allows you take better control of your camera settings, for both taking pictures and shooting video. You can adjust […]

#379 Give yourself a Moment’s peace

Although smartphones have revolutionised how we work and socialise, there are times when we all need to unplug. Moment is an iOS app (not currently […]

Apple’s Virtual Reality patent could solve the VR headset problem

Digital Bodies: We came across Apple’s latest patent for a Virtual Reality headset – fittingly enough – as we were watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. […]

#374 Use iOS to magnify your world!

The magnifier is a useful, but slightly hidden, accessibility feature in iOS. Once you have switched the magnifying tool on, you only need a triple […]

“The New Periodic Table of iOS Apps for AR and VR” + 6 items on AR, VR, and MR

The NEW Periodic Table of iOS Apps for AR and VR — from ictevangelist.com by Mark Anderson   You can download a high-quality version of […]

#371 – OMG – Its finally here!!!!!!!

A shorty but a goody…….. Years and years ago I dreamed of a time when you could just record a demo on your iPhone and […]