Under DeVos, It Takes A Natural Disaster to Get Any Relief

Secretary DeVos has tempered this relief with an effort to dismantle Obama-era regulations against for-profit colleges and gut initiatives that allow loan forgiveness to defrauded […]

Researchers Propose Using Mobile Learning to Promote Health

A new study has concluded that eLearning and mLearning hold the potential to have a positive impact on young people’s health. A study recently published […]

The For-Profit Education Old Guard Has More to Worry About Than Government Regulation

The explosion of for-profit education occurred during a time when the availability of federal student loans was also drastically increasing. These institutions receive over 90% […]

Philanthropy University Is Building Capacity at NGOs with Free MOOCs, Capital, And Other Initiatives

“Philanthropy University is reimagining capacity building for the digital age,” said Diemand-Yauman. “That’s not just a sound bite; it means we’re challenging systematic, deeply-entrenched assumptions […]

Opponents of SARA Point to For-Profit Educators. But That’s Not the Whole Story.

As the debate stands, neither side is participating in the same conversation. SARA proponents want to expand access to education, full stop. Opponents to SARA, […]

Udacity No Longer Guarantees Jobs, Will Other Private Providers Follow?

Imagine a degree with a money-back guarantee if you don’t get a job upon graduation. While most nonprofit colleges or universities continue to sidestep such […]

New Report Downplays Potential Role of Ed-tech in Sub-Saharan Africa

According to the United Nations, enrolment in primary education in developing countries has reached 91% yet 57 million children still remain out of school and […]

Code Burst Episode 3: Taken for Federal Granted

Since people have begun to criticize Mined Minds, the main point has been that they promise the moon and fail to deliver. Certainly that is […]

New Study Finds Discrimination and Bias in Online Course Forums

Among online course participants in a 2017 Georgia Tech Computer Science course, the percentage of women and ethnic minorities enrolled was double the national average. […]

Coursera Announces First Online Bachelor’s Degree

When Coursera first emerged as a MOOC provider back in 2012, its focus was on offering individual courses, but this modest agenda proved shortlived. As […]

Purdue Global Ready to Launch, With or Without Purdue Faculty Support

Early last year, Purdue University acquired Kaplan in a bid to expand its online programs. The acquisition surprised many people and raised concerns. After all, […]

Educators Tend to Forget That Most Online Students Still Live Near Campus

The majority of online students live within 100 miles of the university in which they are enrolled. According to a report updated in 2017 by […]