Schools Should Be Cathedrals of Learning [George]. Key point: Learning space design has a major impact!

Schools Should Be Cathedrals of Learning — from by Sajan George Excerpts (emphasis DSC): What may surprise us though is how the underlying elements […]

A microlearning framework [Pablo Navarro;]

A Microlearning Framework — from and Pablo Navarro This infographic is based on the experience of different clients from different industries in different training programs. […]

“How to Set Up a VR Pilot” + 6 other items re: AR, VR, MR & XR

How to Set Up a VR Pilot — from by Dian Schaffhauser As Washington & Lee University has found, there is no best approach […]

Reflections on “Deeper Thinking about Active Learning” [Weimer]

Deeper Thinking about Active Learning — from by Maryellen Weimer Excerpts (emphasis DSC): I keep worrying that we’re missing the boat with active learning. […]

“5 benefits of using AR & VR Technologies in eLearning,” “National Museum of Finland Offers Virtual Time Travel,” + 6 other items involving AR, VR, MR, and XR

5 benefits of using Augmented & Virtual Reality Technologies in eLearning — from by Christoper Pappas Are you looking for ways to make your […]

“Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual & Augmented Reality” [Grush] + 3 other items on MR, AR, and VR

Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality — from by Mary Grush A Q&A with Tilanka Chandrasekera Excerpt: Oklahoma State University’s first inaugural “Virtual […]

Classic Learning Research in Practice – Semiotics of Graphics – Visual Attention

When keeping the Learners Attention, the visual memory is of uttermost importance as 60% of the brain is involved in vision. But how to make […]

A Curiosity Guide [Ian Byrd]

A Curiosity Guide — from Ian Byrd Excerpts: Anticipation and Dopamine: In part one of this curiosity series, we explore the connection between curiosity, […]

Using music to teach math. Very interesting! Teachers: Might this approach help 1 or more of your students better connect w/ math?

From DSC: While I haven’t gone through all of these videos/modules/practice problems, I find the idea of using music to teach math very intriguing. So […]

Talk about displaying your students’ artwork throughout your hallways!!! (What about on your connected “TVs?”) Talk about discovering & displaying art masterpieces! Wow! Very cool.

From Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS – January 3, 2018. #986 – Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997. 2. Curation in Action – Meural […]

Classic Learning Research in Practice – Sensory Channels – Keep the Learners Attention

Once the learner feels connected, we need to maintain his attention and avoid multitasking. This can be done by channeling your content towards all of the learners senses: Iconic, Echoic, Haptic […]

DC: If we need to interact with content to learn it…how might mixed reality allow for new ways of interacting with such content?

From DSC: After reviewing the article below, I wondered...if we need to interact with content to learn it…how might mixed reality allow for new ways […]