New study shows how hard it is to spot bot accounts on Twitter

Fake news is one of the biggest topics of the day, but fakery is nothing new online.  Several years ago the issue was less about […]

Using AI To Automatically Check Fingerprints

Fingerprints have been used as evidence in criminal trials for over 100 years now, with the first case in the United States taking place in […]

Top eLearning Trends: What You Need to Know About Automation

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How Do Humans Respond To Perfect Robots?

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The Next Wave Of Autonomous Surveillance

I’ve written a few times about the use of drones in the provision of security.  For instance, a startup called Aptonomy provides a drone that is […]

Are Trump Voters More At Risk Of Automation?

Oxford University’s Carl Benedikt Frey is no stranger to controversy.  He burst onto the public stage back in 2013 with a paper highlighting the risks various professions […]

New model to support ethical behavior in robots

As robots and humans begin to work together more, researchers are working hard to ensure that robots behave in the right way, both for themselves […]

What Marketing Automation Tools do I Need?

A list of marketing automation tools for engaging better with your customers There are plenty of marketing automation tools out there today for various stages […]

Google Launches $50 Million Effort on the Future of Work

The philanthropic initiative will seek to connect job seekers with jobs, improve job training, and make life better for those in low-wage jobs.

The Need For Responsibility In Discussing The Future of Work

A recent report by the Royal Society into machine learning highlighted the importance of good PR when it comes to AI and the various risks […]

How you can protect your job from automation

Automation and the workplace is an issue that I’ve touched on extensively in the past year or so, and I’m broadly cynical about the doomsday […]

The rise of retail robots

The last few months have seen many dire predictions about the future shape of the labor market.  A recent study suggests such a future is […]