2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning — from educause.edu      

Tech Integration vs. Blended Learning

What is the difference between Technology Integration and Blended Learning? This is an essential question and important to ask and answer early in any program […]

Blended Learning Benefits for Different Types of Online Training Solutions[Infographic]

Check our infographic to know the benefits of blended learning for different types of online training solutions.

What is Blended Learning and When Does It Work Best? [Infographic]

Check our infographic to know the advantages blended learning offers organizations.

What do K12 Teachers Own?

Does it Matter what Teachers Own? Teachers in public K12 classrooms have some very basic similarities. We create, carry out, and then redo our lesson […]

Blended learning with G Suite (GTT040)

Many classrooms are coming into the digital age, but that doesn’t mean that face-to-face interaction has lost its value. In fact, when they’re both used […]

How Blended Learning Today Is Different In A Hyperconnected World

With access to the world’s information, industry experts, and instant connection to professionals inside our organisations and around the world, learning can happen continuously, on-demand […]

8 Ways to Cover Social Activities in Your Training Course

Online training is usually perceived as a sole endeavor. However, there are ways to cultivate a thriving online learning community and facilitate peer-based feedback with […]

Active lectures

So as per last week’s blog post, recording your lectures is beneficial to students and should not negatively impact on lecture attendance but what will […]

eLearning, Traditional or Blended: How to Choose Your Learning Method

Many businesses in the 21st century will thrive or decline by how well they train their employees to creatively tackle and solve all the challenges […]

6 Major Benefits Of Blended Learning

To simplify it all, we’d say that blended learning implementation is all about combining face-to-face instructions with online learning. You might wonder whether it is […]

Another Snow Day in The South turns Digital Learning Day

Another snow day in The South; while locals lament the inability to buy more bread and milk than logic allows, something else is happening. One […]