In the News: Potential K-12 Fallout From Facebook’s Crisis of Trust

As quoted in: Molnar, Michele. “Privacy Experts Assess Potential K-12 Fallout From Facebook’s Crisis of Trust.” Education Week. 21 March 2018. “We’ve seen schools and […]

Smarter onboarding for airline industry employees

The airline industry is a fascinating and complex one in which technology, regulations and people come together to provide travellers with the safest and smoothest […]

[Webinar recording] How EE delivers eLearning at scale

In our latest webinar, ‘How EE delivers eLearning at scale,’ gomo Managing Director, Mike Alcock, is joined by Andy Charalambides, EE’s Lead Media Designer, to […]

How EE delivers eLearning at scale webinar Q&A

In our latest eLearning webinar, gomo’s Managing Director, Mike Alcock, teamed up with EE’s Lead Media Designer Andy Charalambides to host an interactive case study […]

GDPR – the not-so-scary monster with a kind heart

Data protection, or more specifically GDPR, is very much the talk of the town at the moment. And it's understandable too, because the EU's new […]

Learner power – look before you leap!

For a while now there has been ‘chat’ about social learning as an approach to workplace L&D. There’s also a suspicion that woven into this […]

Clover Imaging Group Delivers High-Impact Dealer Support at Scale with Interactive Video

Cost-efficient sales enablement and support strategy pivotal to $1 billion services business Enterprises that sell through dealers, OEMs and retailers know that strong sales enablement […]

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8 Tips To Create Branching Scenarios That Resonate With Employees

Relevancy is the key to online training success. If employees can’t assign meaning to the online training content, even the most interactive online training tools […]

Signup for a 30 minute webinar on the GDPR Data Processing Agreement

We recently announced we would give you more information about the GDPR. The GDPR is the new European privacy legislation that is important for both […]

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Are you too busy for a traditional coding bootcamp? We’ve got you covered. We’ve been changing the face of tech since 2013. Now we can help […]

Migrate To HTML5 – Responsive Or Mobile-Friendly eLearning To Create High Impact Learning Experiences

Organizations worldwide are looking at migrating their legacy Flash course to HTML5 to support mobile learning. In this article, I outline what are your options […]