Besties4evr Ps and CP team up to create ultimate button update simplicity nirvana

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In the News: On the Nevada Ready 21 1:1 Laptop Program

As quoted in: Schwartz, Sarah. “Nevada Recommits Funding for State 1-to-1 Program.” Education Week. 21 September 2017. “While those sound like common-sense steps for folks […]

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The answers to your online TEFL course are in the course you are taking. While doing some research I found that quite a few searches […]

How to operate a lathe or a deep fryer

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Conoce la empresa BeezNest, primer patrocinador diamante de Chamilo Conference Lima 2017

BeezNest es una compañía de consultoría en tecnologías de la información y desarrollo de software, además de líder en el desarrollo de Chamilo LMS.Este 6, […]

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How To Create A Meaningful And Engaging Compliance Course

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[WEBINAR] Creating an interactive mobile simulation in Adobe Captivate

Date: Tuesday, September 26th (Australia/New Zealand/APAC) Time: 11 am (Australian EST) / 1 pm (NZ) Synopsis: In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create an interactive mobile simulation […]

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In the News: On School Surveillance Threats

As quoted in: Abamu, Jenny. “Why the State of Surveillance in Schools Might Lead to the Next Equifax Disaster.” EdSurge. 19 September 2017. However, privacy […]

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Are ITTT and MyTEFL legit? Well, it depends what you mean by legit, but I am going to share my observations and insights which might […]