7 items on AR, VR, and MR

Ikea’s New App Flaunts What You’ll Love Most About AR — from wired.com by Arielle Pardes Excerpt: Tap through the app’s catalogue of over 2,000 […]

3 Ways to Grow Your Online Course Business

Starting a business selling online courses takes time and energy but is only half of the battle. You also need to formulate a growth plan. […]

Why it’s Important to Have a Project Strategy and Business Case

Have you ever heard the phrase – by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail? Well, this isn’t just true when it comes to life. […]

Someone Stole Your Course, But Does It Matter?

As soon as your course starts to become popular you can rest assured that someone will figure out a way to steal it – but […]

5 Small Business Tools and Resources to Fuel Growth

Wouldn’t you love to grow your business fast but without spending a ton of money? Lucky for you, there are thousands of free and low-cost […]

“A survey of 3,000 execs reveals how businesses succeed with AI” + “IBM & MIT to pursue joint research in AI”

A survey of 3,000 executives reveals how businesses succeed with AI — from hbr.org by Jacques Bughin, Brian McCarthy, Michael Chui Excerpt: The buzz over […]

Free Warehouse Management Courses

Introduction: One of the things that will need to run an organisation effectively and efficiently is Warehouse Management System also known as WMS. It is […]

Patiently pending

  We recently got the good news that the US Patent Office will accept our application for a patent protecting our Filtering algorithm. As it […]

The NY Times Tackled Teachers and Ed Tech. Social Media Responded.

Technology companies courting influential teachers to promote their products has raised ethics concerns - and the practice has attracted critical media attention.

Meet ttc: Dana Janssen

Now that you’ve had a chance to get to know Teresa, I’d like to introduce you to another executive member of our crew, Dana Janssen. […]

Creative Slump Got You Down? 3 Surprising Ways to Spark Inspiration

Anyone working in a creative capacity has been subject to the dreaded mental block. No matter what you do, inspiration is hard to find and […]

A New Frontier For Agencies: Immersive Training [Mannone]

A New Frontier For Agencies: Immersive Training — from forbes.com by Sarah Mannone Excerpt: We’ve all seen how new technologies like AR and VR are […]