“With great tech success, comes even greater responsibility” [Miller] + “Why the public overlooks & undervalues tech’s power ” [Piacenza]

With great tech success, comes even greater responsibility — from techcrunch.com by Ron Miller Excerpts: As we watch major tech platforms evolve over time, it’s […]

4 Steps to Convince Your Boss That #atd2018 Is the Place to Be

If you really want to attend an upcoming conference like #atd2018 but the fear of asking your boss to invest in your education is greater […]

2018 Workplace Learning Report [LinkedIn.com]

2018 Workplace Learning Report — from learning.linkedin.com Excerpts: The path to opportunity is changing The short shelf life of skills and a tightening labor market […]

Is Adobe Flash Going Away?

In Short… Adobe Flash Will Be Discontinued, Is Going Away, & Adobe Flash Will Be Dead At the end of July last year, Adobe announced […]

How To Ensure The Right Hire

Wouldn’t it be great if we could look into the future and see if our next hire is excelling six months down the road? Will […]

Hmmm…this is not good news for Uber & Lyft drivers. [Levin] #BusinessModels

Uber and Lyft drivers’ median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds — from theguardian.com by Sam Levin Majority of drivers make less than minimum […]

4 Tips to Make Corporate Compliance Training Bearable

When it comes to corporate compliance training it is safe to say that the stick rules over the desire to complete the training. When content […]

“Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom” + 5 other AI related postings

Personalized Learning Meets AI With Watson Classroom — from gettingsmart.com by Erin Gohl Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Teaching is truly a Herculean challenge. Even the very […]

Guide: What Does an Instructional Designer Do?

If you landed on this page, you’re either considering a career in the eLearning industry, are going to school for a master’s degree in instructional […]

Stuff we say

Can you hear yourself in this? I’m pretty sure we can all hear one or two things here we say, and have heard in meetings.

How to Teach English Online: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started (2018)

Since I started teaching English online in 2011, I’ve seen this space explode. There are many reasons why online teaching is so appealing. It opens […]

Robo retail: The automated store of the future is heading closer to our doorsteps.

Robo retail: The automated store of the future is heading closer to our doorsteps. — from jwtintelligence.com’ Excerpt: The automated store of the future is […]