Students as Researchers Scheme: Student Digital Experience Tracker 2017-18

The Academic Development Directorate invites York St John undergraduate students to apply to undertake paid work with academic staff on various research activities across the […]

Dealing With Challenges in Agile Methodology

How to setup your team to get the best out of agile principles source: Indian Turtle Agile gets its share of criticism. Many articles(like this, this, […]

Seeing how it all fits together – a timeline for Art History

Last year Professor Liz James (Art History) received a Digital Practice Award. The purpose of the funding was to give staff the opportunity to develop […]

Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!?

. . Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!? . WHY do I mention the word adventure!? Strange, isn’t it? Well LEARNing is an adventure […]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 [World Economic Forum]

Global Human Capital Report 2017 — from the World Economic Forum Excerpt from the Conclusion section (emphasis DSC): Technological change and its impact on labour […]

Best question I’ve heard in a while: “K-12 & higher education are considered separate systems. What if they converged?” [Young]

K-12 and higher education are considered separate systems. What if they converged? — from by Jeff Young Excerpt: Education in America is a tale […]

Mimesys Connect – a Fascinating Experiment in VR Collaboration

Digital Bodies: Mimesys Connect is offering a fascinating experiment in VR collaboration through Apple’s ARKit. It’s access to VR without the need for a VR […]

10 great ideas from Ditch That Conference #DitchCon2017

“An analog conference for a digital world.” Ditch That Conference 2017 was a hit, helping educators think about the face-to-face/digital balance and providing TONS of […]

Best Practices for Managing Remote Teams

A guide for better remote collaboration — with some fun GIFs source: Dilbert As a project manager coming in to manage a remote team, it can be a […]

“Learning is leaving the (school) building” — and other items from Will Richardson & Bruce Dixon

From DSC: I appreciated hearing the perspectives from Bruce Dixon and Will Richardson this morning, as I listed to a webinar that they recently offered. […]

The #everydaycourage of sharing our work as educators

3 ways to de-privatize our practice My first teaching job was in the library at a large, open-concept elementary school in Howard County, Maryland. The […]

Making Designer Developer Collaboration Easier

Successful collaboration is the key to good products source: Flickr The fact that so many tools are continuously launched and so many process ideas are thrown […]