Science Festival 2017 in Luxembourg (Europe)

. . Science Festival 2017 in Luxembourg (Europe) . . It is the first time that I visited the “Science Festival” in Luxembourg-City, although it […]

A Personal Story of the Power of Empathy in the Workplace

Trina Jones, SweetRush Project Manager writes about compassion, care and empathy in the workplace.

Let Your Inner Rockstar Out and Get Rewarded

We had so much fun giving away free eLearning Brothers t-shirts to all you rockstars at DevLearn 2017 that we thought “Why not keep that […]

Southwest Passenger Unveils the Most Important Part of Company Culture

Southwest Airlines has modeled what a great organizational culture looks like for decades. One of the pillars of their culture success is values. Values are simply, principles and standards […]

The importance of an awesome onboarding (that doesn't end after day one)

What’s the most important perk for a new hire? Free food? Fancy facilities? A fat-stacked salary package? Nope. The opportunity to learn, progress, be an […]

7 things you'll learn from working at a startup

I've been with the Yarno crew for over a year now, and my, what an exciting time it has been! My Yarno journey has been […]

Behind the Scenes: How Rockstars Do DevLearn

We had the pleasure of going to DevLearn in Las Vegas this week, and we had a blast! Many of you know about eLearning Brothers because […]

My Life at Harbinger

A career is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth. When this journey is adorned with learning, recognition and fun—it becomes truly satisfying and rewarding. […]

The Impact of Building Strong Character in Your Company

What feeling do people get when they think about your company? Does your brand and culture exude a strong character, built on the individual character […]

How to Rid Your Company Culture of Disrespect and Discrimination

In a society that is continually becoming more and more diverse, creating opportunities for face-to-face, open-minded conversation in small settings is essential to working toward […]

How to Graciously Give and Take Criticism at Work

Whether your're on the giving or receiving end of criticism, being prepared to have a genuine discussion about the issue presented will allow both parties […]

Burnout in the Knowledge Economy: Does Your Company Put Enough Value in Rest?

Productivity and rest represent two sides of a scale that continually need to be balanced. They each lose their luster when the balance is off, […]