Growth Engineering & Game Win Award For Outstanding Customer Experience

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Don’t worry, it’s not Christmas just yet! It’s even better – it’s award season, and we’re celebrating yet another […]

5 Tips for a Winning Customer Service Experience

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Top 5 Online Courses for Customer Service

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Is your enterprise business cashing on in live chat?

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Prioritize Service Industry Training Before It’s Too Late

Two years ago, fans of the fast-food chain Chipotle found themselves locked out. That’s because several Chipotle locations were forced to shut down after a […]

Review: Articulate Storyline 3 or Storyline 360?

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The Customer Comes Second

Delight the customer, astound the customer, serve the customer, the customer comes first -- we've all heard it. We've probably even said it, after receiving […]

Boost Registration by Unveiling the Customer Journey

Reveal Ah-ha’s you can use! Most senior executives are out of the loop on the experience they’re offering to members. The summer of 2004 HBR published a brilliant […]

Customer service and sales are converging

When functions such as customer service and sales are out of sync, it’s hard to impress consumers or create lasting client relationships. Employees across departments […]

Why the customer’s always right – finding the value

There’s an old saying in the customer service industry. ‘Give someone a good experience, and they’ll tell twenty people, give them a bad experience, and […]

B2B sales strategies rely on new best practices

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Training Manager Frustrations: The Customer Service Solution

Training Manager Frustrations: The Customer Service Solution A post written by Debbie Weltmer Everyone wants to receive good customer service and every company would like […]