In Real Life: Don't Forget About On-the-Job Training by JD Dillon

Effective on-the-job training—coaching—is the foundation of the workplace learning experience. Here are the essential points that make OJT work.

Make Any HTML File cmi5-Conformant by Sarah Gilbert, Sean Putman and Art Werkenthin

In June, 2016 ADL released cmi5, allowing use of xAPI in the “LMS launches content” scenario. If your content tool does not support cmi5, can […]

Interactive Video: Drive Learning Retention and Measurable Business Value by Erika Trautman

As an eLearning professional, you strive to find better ways to drive learning retention—teaching audiences so they’ll absorb and remember information. But eLearning practitioners are […]

5 Ways to Meet the Needs of the Modern Learner by Mark D'Aquin

Keeping up with the modern learner’s needs for the right skills and resources at the right time is today’s priority. To stay on track, here […]

Versatile Microlessons Are Powerful Performance Boosters by Pamela S. Hogle

Microlessons can take any format and serve as learning reinforcement, problem solvers, and more.

Marc My Words: eLearning and Civics Education—Back to School by Marc Rosenberg

Civics education, necessary for a thriving democracy, is an ideal eLearning application project on a national scale. And not just for high school students!

Essential Elements of Learning Game Design by Pamela S. Hogle

Turning something into a game might not make it a better learning tool; learn which game elements help—or harm—learning.

Nuts and Bolts: Learner Beliefs About Learning by Jane Bozarth

We talk about learner “attitudes,” about learner engagement, and what motivates them to learn. But do learner beliefs about learning affect what and how they […]

Mobile Reinforcement Crushes the Forgetting Curve by Pamela S. Hogle

Mobile reinforcement can make learning stick and boost the effectiveness of training. DemoFest award-winner SwissVBS shows how to defeat the forgetting curve.

New eBook: A Guide to Making eLearning Barrier-Free by Kat Gore

A commitment to creating accessible content stems from a reframing: Reframing disability from defining it as something that is wrong with an individual person to […]

No Contest: Use Gamification to Strengthen Values, Not Competition by Pamela S. Hogle

Gamification can motivate and engage—or turn learners off. Beware of emphasizing the wrong aspects of gamified eLearning.

Increasing Student Engagement in Business Education by Susan Jacobs

Pearson Education found that gamifying content for an introductory business textbook stimulated student engagement in a mandatory business education class.