Fixing Feedback in the Design Process

Let us start by establishing the scope of design and its stakeholders. Just how buttons, colors and typeface alone don’t make up design, in the […]

#AECT17 Reflections

Ok, so I was an academic for a brief and remarkably good period of time (a long time ago). Mind you, I’ve kept my hand […]

10 ways to use heuristic evaluation for the perfect learner journey

It’s accepted wisdom now, at least in enlightened circles, that a learning or content management system needs to have the learner’s user journey and experiential […]

Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio, Hamburger menu

zipBoard Digest Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio — Apegroup A ubiquitous aspect of all design projects is collaboration. Here at zipBoard, we are building […]

Peek Behind a Nathalie Lussier Course

Wouldn’t it be nice to peek inside another person’s course to check out their set up? Because sometimes we are stuck on how to build […]

Tom Reeves AECT Keynote Mindmap

Thomas Reeves opened the third day of the AECT conference with an engaging keynote that used the value of conation to drive the argument for […]

Mystery Meat Navigation Design in Elearning

In 1998, Vincent Flanders, author of the perennially amusing Web Pages that Suck, coined the phrase Mystery Meat Navigation (or MMN) for web pages which […]

Inside the Workings of a Digital Product Studio — Apegroup

A ubiquitous aspect of all design projects is collaboration. Here at zipBoard, we are building a tool to make collaboration easier. To better understand the […]

How User Onboarding Can Drive Better Activation and Conversions

Running Experiments to Optimize Onboarding Are Key to Better Activation and Conversions Photo by Vojtech Okenka User onboarding means informing the user so that they adopt […]

Why the UI/UX design of your LMS really matters

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the best Learning Management System (LMS) for your company. Of course they are all valid, from […]

David Kelly’s Curated L&D Content for the Week of 10/30/17

This week’s curated content includes links exploring the following: why you should be blogging what unlearning looks like in practice how surgeons use social media for […]

Using Articulate 360 to Create Your Online Course

A Beginner’s Guide to Articulate Storyline What is Articulate Storyline? Articulate Storyline — whatever the version — is the most popular rapid e-learning creation tool used by course creators […]