10 ways to use heuristic evaluation for the perfect learner journey

It’s accepted wisdom now, at least in enlightened circles, that a learning or content management system needs to have the learner’s user journey and experiential […]

Louder than words

My last couple of blog posts have argued in favour of extracting value out of organisational capabilities. Due to the nature of my role I […]

Do Your People See Themselves as Learners? These 4 Tips Can Help.

I once saw Seth Godin give a talk where he asked everybody in the audience to raise their hands as high as they could. How […]

Swift 4 – Learn iOS 11 App Development From Scratch

Swift 4 – Learn iOS 11 App Development From Scratch is the best course for those who are new to coding. In this course, you […]

Takeaways from Learning 2017

I recently got back from the Learning 2017 conference. Like last year, I want to share some of what I learned and experienced. The sessions […]

Learn Complete Ruby, Python, and Java Programming

The Complete Ruby, Python, and Java Programming online course is for those who are interested in technology and gaining an understanding of how programming works. […]

The Complete Guide to Kotlin Developer Course Online

Kotlin is a new programming language and it runs primarily on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Also you can use this language instead of Java Programming […]

Web Designer vs Web Developer: Which career should you choose?

Ever wonder what the difference is between web developers and designers? Then you need to read this post. It breaks down the difference between a […]

On Being an “Un-Opinionated” Developer

I was on TLDC Chat (a great community, if you’re looking for someplace to get involved with some L&D folks!) a little earlier this month and […]

How to enable an agile approach in your organisation

Agile, adj. – able to move quickly and easily. Is that how you would describe a standard approach to project management? Probably not. However, the […]

One Thing Every Professional MUST Bring to Work

A lot of people are talented, but something separates the successful ones from the others. Take for example a contractor named Lucas. Lucas worked for several […]

Web Courseworks at the 2017 Madison php Conference

  Web Courseworks is pleased to be a Silver Sponsor of the 2017 Madison php Conference, which is kicking off on Friday, September 22, with […]