Udemy New Year Sale January 2018 – Get Any Course for $10.99

Udemy $10.99 New Year Sale January 2018 – First of all, we wish a very happy new year to everyone and 2018 brings you a […]

Why Leadership Isn’t About the Leader

Last week, we launched our new First-Time Manager Microlearning Program. As we worked to develop this curriculum, I wondered: Do I have what it takes to […]

Udemy December Sale – All Tech and IT Software Courses are $10

Udemy December Sale – All Tech and IT Software Courses are $10 ! Udemy is back with $10 (view) sale for only for those who […]

Friday Finds | December 15, 2017

It’s been quite cold around here lately, which is a great reason for me to sneak away next week to a warmer climate and enjoy […]

Planning Your 2018 Microlearning® Strategy: Workshop Recap

The new year is fast approaching, and that means it’s time to start focusing on your 2018 learning strategy. However, as you probably know, coming […]

Presentation & E-learning Starter Kit

Over on the past several months, I’ve written about some of the things anyone can do to make better presentations and e-learning courses. Want to […]

5 Productivity Tips for Learning Content Creators

If you’re a learning content creator today, you’re facing a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the need for high-quality learning content is through the […]

Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are leaders born or made?  It’s a question anyone who has or wants to have a leadership position has asked themselves.  Turns out the answer […]

What’s the Difference Between a Manager and a Leader?

One of the most popular questions I get all the time is, “whats the difference between a manager and a leader?”  While there are many differences […]

10 ways to use heuristic evaluation for the perfect learner journey

It’s accepted wisdom now, at least in enlightened circles, that a learning or content management system needs to have the learner’s user journey and experiential […]

Louder than words

My last couple of blog posts have argued in favour of extracting value out of organisational capabilities. Due to the nature of my role I […]

Do Your People See Themselves as Learners? These 4 Tips Can Help.

I once saw Seth Godin give a talk where he asked everybody in the audience to raise their hands as high as they could. How […]