Create value for others by curating information with ZEEF

While it has gained a lot of attention in recent years, curation has always been an important part of an effective learning and development practitioners […]

Friday Finds | November 3, 2017

It has been a very rich week around here. In addition to all the Halloween candy, we’ve got a lot of great stuff for presenters, […]

Friday Finds | November 10, 2017

While the mercury in the thermometers around here is heading south, that won’t stop us from warming up with the best things of the week […]

Exploring Technology-Related Ethical Considerations With Your Students

All of This Amazing Technology Comes With Ethical Implications That we Should all be Aware of … The exponential growth of information technology brings with […]

5 Selected Frameworks for Teaching and Promoting Digital Literacy

New NMC Report Provides a Rich Look at Digital Literacy Models, Exemplars, and Explorations Within Higher Education I spent a good deal of time with […]

Digital Dashboard Document

This year I am trying a more transparent and strategic approach to my technology integration.  I've always been mindful of the purpose of the tool, […]

To Program or Not to Program?

To program, or not to program? That is the question. If you’re like most people, you probably haven’t learned to program yet – but if […]

Equip Students to be Skilled Searchers!

“Television didn’t transform education. Neither will the internet. But it will be another tool for teachers to use in their effort to reach students in […]

Peeling Back the Layers to Get to the Truth Behind News Sources

Students Need Help Understanding The Source and the Truth Behind News Media For centuries, it has been important for people to realize that “news” is […]

Digging Down to Find the Truth Behind “News” – an Example

Exposing the use of Social Media to Spread Alternative Narratives The other day I published this article, “Peeling Back the Layers to Get to the […]

4th Beijing International Children’s Education and Products Exhibition

Background Beijing International Children’s Education and Products Exhibition is a distinguished education industry event authorized by China government agency Ministry of Commerce, hosted by China […]

Get your Pobble on!

I’ve been a fan of Pobble for a long time now. I’m very much of the mindset that asking pupils to create meaningful writing that […]