Campus Technology’s 2017 Teaching with Technology Survey [Kelly]

Smartwatches Deemed Least Valuable Technology in the Classroom — from by Rhea Kelly In our second annual Teaching with Technology Survey, faculty revealed what […]

“Under the Hood: Learning Design Behind Georgia Tech’s Degrees at Scale” + “Learning How to Learn: Anatomy of a good MOOC”

Under the Hood: Learning Design Behind Georgia Tech’s Degrees at Scale — from by Shabana Figueroa and Yakut Gazi Excerpt: Rolling out the MM program […]

This article reminds me that voice will eventually drive our future learning platforms

The End of Typing: The Next Billion Mobile Users Will Rely on Video and Voice — from by Eric Bellman Tech companies are rethinking products for […]

Making a MOOC [from Harvard Magazine by Jonathan Shaw]

Making a MOOC — from by Jonathan Shaw Excerpts: Now, as one of a small number of Harvard faculty members each year whose course […]

Storytelling - from Finland

In our digital world, there is, increasingly, much that I disagree with. In so many ways I watch (with horror at times) as humanity sleep […]

What a future, powerful, global learning platform will look & act like [Christian]

Learning from the Living [Class] Room: A vision for a global, powerful, next generation learning platform By Daniel Christian NOTE: Having recently lost my Senior […]

The Classroom of Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion [Kaltura]

The Classroom of Tomorrow: A Panel Discussion — sponsored by Kaltura Description: Technology is changing the way we approach education, rapidly. But what will tomorrow’s […]

Create compelling AR & VR apps quickly via the EON Creator AVR Enterprise & Education content builder

EON CREATOR AVR The EON Creator AVR Enterprise and Education content builder empowers non-technical users to create compelling AR and VR applications in minutes, not […]

“Complete guide to VR careers ” [Metry] plus “VR jobs jump in the job market” [Strauss]

Complete Guide to Virtual Reality Careers — from by Mark Metry Excerpt: So you want to jump in the illustrious intricate pool of Virtual […]

Faculty members & teachers: Do your students a huge favor & assign them a digital communications project next time.

From DSC and Adobe — for faculty members and teachers out there: Do your students an enormous favor by assigning them a digital communications project. […]

Veeery interesting. Alexa now adds visuals / a screen! With the addition of 100 skills a day, where might this new platform lead?

Amazon introduces Echo Show The description reads: Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video […]

DC: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? Apple announces their “Today at Apple” program

From DSC: After seeing the postings below, it made me wonder: Will Starbucks, Apple Stores, etc. be “learning hubs” of the future? i.e., places that […]