Learning Record Store (LRS)

Does anyone out there have experience in successfully implementing an LRS; with or without an LMS? I’m really interested in how simple (or not) this […]

Discussion board platform for Captivate

Hi, Can anyone recommend a free discussion board platform that could be integrated into a project using web objects?   Thanks!

Creating Groups and Discussion in GO1

A discussion board can be created for each group. Grouping users is very helpful to organize a team. Let’s say a portal has 3 types […]

How to send customize tincan statement in captivate 8 and 9

Is it possible to send Tin Can statements using the ‘execute javascript’-trigger? If so, does anyone have an example of some javascript that does that? […]

Favorite Storyboard resources?

Hi all, I’m wondering if you could share some of your favorite resources and tips for storyboarding?

Adult Learning Theory interwoven into Captivate built E-Learning

Greetings Community, As a trainer and practitioner of Adult Learning, I am always interested in the ways and means to approach e-learning through the looking […]

3D & eLearning

These two things generally don’t go together, given the system resources needed to create 3D elements. However recently, I am starting to see more 3D […]

Captivate help needed please

Hello all I’m having some trouble getting our LMS to recognise the scoring of my Adobe Captivate course. The course is published as SCORM 1.2 […]

Canvas LMS Uses/best practices?

Our organization uses the Canvas LMS and I would love to begin a discussion about things others have learned using Captivate with Canvas.  I’ve got […]

Improve Your Social Learning With the GO1 Mid-October Update

Being able to improve the social aspect of learning is important for keeping your learners engaged and on the path for continuous sustained learning. We […]

Pinch/zoom on iPhone

Hi Everybody, I have just published a test HTML5 question slide in Adobe Captivate 10 with a small format of 320 by 500 px. I […]

Matching Quiz and Drop Down Formatting Question

I’m using the matching quiz type of question slide, where the user needs to click on a drop down menu to match with the correct […]