Virtual Reality Using Captivate

I read in a post that Captivate can be used to create virtual reality learning.  This is not a method I’ve used. I would like to […]

Question: Authoring Tool Current Practice – Captivate, Lectora, and Storyline

I am a huge fan of Captivate.  I believe it’s a powerful tool that fosters a variety of training – simulations, demonstrations, courses, knowledge checks. Do […]

Webcam suggestions for Instructional Videos?

Hello eLearning Community! I have been creating video tutorials for years, but I have been trying to step up my game a bit! Now I […]

Question: Do you deliver final Captivate Files or SCORM Packages?

I would like to start a discussion here regarding what constitutes “final work product” when delivering a course.  Do you deliver the Captivate files, or […]

Captivate 2017 or Captivate Prime

Can I sell my classes I create within Captivate to the public? Is there an option to sell classes in the application?


Following on from my two previous posts which cover my thought process about familiarity in learning design and how distractions can affect both our work […]

Hints created from Interactive Buttons disappear on Publish

I am using the Multi-Scorm Packager to zip the file and upload to my LMS. When I do so the hint buttons (1 for each […]

TRAINING (SYD) – Adobe Captivate Foundations Course

Leaning Plan is delighted to announce our first ever public workshop, the Adobe Captivate Foundations Course. We’ll be running this two-day workshop, with ongoing one […]

Using Captivate 2017 I can’t publish html5 nor preview, Can you please help me to fix it?

I have installed the latest version of Captivate. I tried to publish and preview my project in both swf and html5, but it shows a […]

Auto advance

Hi, I made a few textual changes in my eLearning and now my slides automatically go to the next slide at the end. Before my […]

Captivate Can’t Open a File?

Hi all. I’m having trouble opening a file in Captivate 9, which someone has shared with me. They have shared it with me via sharepoint, […]

Uploading videos and audio from other IOS devices

Currently I am working on the trial version of Adobe Captivate (Having a lot of fun just its a serious learning curve) and currently having […]