K-12 STEM Learning: How Bringing Your Own Device (BYOD) to Class Can Help With STEM Education

Do you remember how the classrooms looked back when you were in school? The chalkboard or whiteboard, the wooden desk, the television set that was […]

COLUMNS THAT WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED: Digital textbooks are better than paper textbooks.

“Kids must use paper texts. Period.” the teacher said to me. “Why? “What is it that makes paper...

How to communicate with your introverted students

Though the problems of extroverts and introverts are discussed very widely today, some people still have a misapprehension about what distinguishes these types of people. […]

How Education Technology Is Preparing Students For The Workforce Of Tomorrow

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The Recovery Process: How Houston’s School District Plans on Moving Forward

Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc throughout the Houston School District – the largest public school district in Texas and the seventh-largest in the U.S. – forcing […]

5 Must-have Items for your Back to School Makerspace by @Eduporium

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Why Teachers Will Never Be Replaced By Robots

Self driving cars, online banking, travel planning websites; even surgery is being performed by robots these days. With so many people loosing their jobs to […]

Why should both teachers and students focus more on #making and #play this school year.

As I start the new school year, I find myself looking back on a crazy summer that came and went very quickly.  My triplets have […]

Why should every student take a coding class before graduating?

Computer coding is, arguably, the most ubiquitous language of the world we live in. It’s odd, then, that computer science in general, and coding in […]

How to develop critical thinking in students through eLearning

Critical thinking is essential to survive in today’s highly competitive world. In the times of tight deadlines, critical thinking helps people make sound and bold […]

Learn why schools are turning to @Eduporium for their #STEM and #MAKERSPACE Purchases this year!

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@Telestream Launches Screenflow Version 7. Read our full review of this great screencasting and video editing application.

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