Wearable Real-time Brainwave Training in the Classroom

Earlier this year, I began to detect a growing interest in the idea that “neurotechnologies” such as brain-scanners and Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) could be applied […]

2 Minute Tutorials :)

I’m starting a new series of videos to help busy teachers – every teacher in the world then! They’re called ‘2 minute tutorials’ and will […]

Any computer that can be replaced by a teacher, should be: A Response

“Teachers won’t be replaced by computers because it is nigh on impossible to describe...

“I love the crazy irony of adults using the internet to...

“I love the crazy irony of adults using the internet to complain about kids using the internet.” –Holt

Get Students to Reflect on the Logical Fallacies in Arguments

Technology has transformed the way our learners share their opinions and argue. Not only do our learners observe arguments daily on their social networks, but […]

The Iceberg: Getting beneath the surface of #edtech fears (#DitchBook)

About 90 percent of an iceberg is underwater. Like an iceberg, what reluctant adopters say may only be 10 percent of what they’re feeling. For […]

An Interview About EDTECH 4 BEGINNERS

I was recently interviewed for the Bookwidgets Blog.  Questions centred around my career and why I set up the blog. Click here for the full […]

Gearing Up for Hour of Code (GTT030)

Think of the most important languages students could learn to prepare them for the future. What makes your list? Chinese? Arabic? Spanish? (Deep down inside, […]

Baltimore County School Officials in Hot Water Over Ed-Tech Contracts

A state lawmaker is calling for a review of the 113,000-student district's technology contracts following a New York Times report on possible ethical violations.

My Article For TES: How Coding Can Encourage A Creative Mindset

I recently wrote for the Times Educational Supplement (TES).  The article was about coding and how it can be a creative activity. Click here to […]

Ditch That Marking: 5+ ways to improve grading

I had a pile of assessments to mark (grade). I knew was going to take the best part of four hours to get done. I […]

Death by a Thousand Good #Edtech Intentions

I was sitting in a professional development session the other day on a specific ed tech tool that...