Columns that will never be read: Sanitized for Your Protection

I’m old enough to remember the Vietnam War. When I was young I would watch with fascination...

Berenstain: Bears on the Moon

Berenstain: Bears on the Moon State Standard: 1, & 4 Equipment: Berenstain Bears on the Moon Book, scooters, poly spots, bean bags, balancing equipment (optional), music […]

T.E.A.M Field Day 2018


Battle Ball

 Battle Ball  State Standard: 1, 3, & 4 Equipment: 1 pin and ball per group of 3 Grade:  4+ (K-2 with Under hand throwing) Purpose of Event:  […]

Snow Fort

Snow Fort State Standard: 1, 2, & 3 Equipment: 20+ Bowling Pins, 20-30 Foam Balls, 4-6 folding mats Grade:  K-2 Purpose of Event:  Throwing over hand, Opposite […]

Move The Mountain

Move The Mountain State Standard: 1, & 3 Equipment: Cageball or Omnikin Ball, Music, Lots of little balls Grade:  K-2 Purpose of Event:  Throwing & Aiming Time: […]

Big History Project

Big History Project: I posted about this site several years ago. It seems to me that an innovative...

Guest Blog: Jane Pollock PhD. The i5 Approach: Using Technology to Teach Thinking

Several weeks ago I approached Jane E. Pollock, PhD, author of the book “The i5...

Six Flaws of Traditional PD

Katya Rucker over at Getting Smart has nice blog entry today about the six issues with current PD...

Technology making a Difference: ESRI Conferences

Watch this video and see how students were able to take mapping software and date to make a...

Technology does make a difference.

Technology does make a difference.

Five Questions: Candidates for El Paso Congressional Races District 16 and 23

I have asked all of the candidates in the two congressional races in El Paso to answer 5 questions...