Series on Confidence Building – Self belief

Confidence is something that comes from within us. It is important thus, that we do everything we need to and feel good about ourselves. It […]

4 items re: artificial intelligence/cognitive computing

Ginni Rometty on the End of Programming — from by Megan Murphy The IBM chief dares to imagine what Watson will be when it […]

#MS365 Immersive Reader

Have you seen the immersive reader in Office 365? From the MS Onenote team blog: To access these...

4 Surprising Ways Video Is Changing Education

In today’s world, the influence of video is unparalleled. People around the world spend billions every year on the movie industry. YouTube alone streams over […]

Teaching with 360 Videos

One of my blog posts was recently featured on Edutopia!  If you haven’t checked out this great education website (founded by George Lucas), then do!  […]

The vast majority of lessons in K-12 and lectures in higher education should be recorded. Here’s why. [Christian]

From DSC: The vast majority of the lessons being offered within K-12 and the lectures (if we’re going to continue to offer them) within higher […]

Protected: Everything You Forgot from My Statistics Class: The Best of Curious David

This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading. Filed under: Carroll University USA, Curious David, PSY205, […]

Learning Creative Learning Course from MIT: Free

Learning Creative Learning is an online course and community, starting October 18, 2017. To learn...

Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!?

. . Adventures of LEARNing, HOW does it happen!? . WHY do I mention the word adventure!? Strange, isn’t it? Well LEARNing is an adventure […]

Why it’s Important to Have a Project Strategy and Business Case

Have you ever heard the phrase – by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail? Well, this isn’t just true when it comes to life. […]

A fantastic new idea for searching the internet!

* Sadly Instagrok has closed down.  I will let you know if it opens again InstaGrok is a completely new take on the traditional internet […]

Blended Learning In Corporate Training

I read with interest this article on the benefits of blended learning in the corporate environment. The Blended learning method is not only a great […]