First Steps with the Arduino-UNO | Maker, MakerED, Coding | Part 1

. . Unpacking the Starter-Kit . Unpacking my NEW Arduino-UNO Starter Kit, which I ordered at Conrad (English version), looks GREAT, quality stuff and well documented! […]

Xmas and Holiday Gifts Which Make Sense For LEARNing

. . WHAT gifts to buy for the kids for Xmas and Holidays? Every year the same question, isn’t it!? WHY not thinking about to […]

Luxembourg and Cyber-Security: HOW did it START?

.   . Luxembourg and Cyber-Security: HOW did it START? . Luxembourg, a tiny country with ONLY 590.667 inhabitants (January 2017) in the heart of […]

Series Meaningfulness at Work: Being engaged

There are many things in the work environment that are outside of our control. But if we want to be happier and more fulfilled at […]

How to prepare for the Situational Judgement Test Infographic

The simple infographic below will  help you study for the Situational Judgement Test. For more information on the SJT and how to prepare check out this […]

3 eLearning Examples to Inspire you in 2018

Get some inspiration in your tank with a taster of our favourite digital learning projects from this year. From curation to caring, these three elearning […]

Designing an eLearning Course? Use Our Pre-Course Checklist

Following on from our recent article on how to prepare before creating eLearning content, we thought we’d put together a checklist to help you out […]

A VR in Education Study of 1,350 High School Students

Digital Bodies: There’s been very little study of VR in education and the impact on students. We often get the question at workshops and conference […]

2 Minute Tutorials :)

I’m starting a new series of videos to help busy teachers – every teacher in the world then! They’re called ‘2 minute tutorials’ and will […]

20 Signs Someone Is Too Stressed (And Doesn’t Know It)

The past decade has witnessed an un-mistakable upsurge in stress levels the world over. People have used distinctive metaphors to define stress – a knife […]

Online learning in Michigan, as delivered by Michigan Virtual & others, has exploded in recent years. []

    Online learning in Michigan, as delivered by Michigan Virtual and others, has exploded in recent years. The number of K-12 students taking at […]

Any computer that can be replaced by a teacher, should be: A Response

“Teachers won’t be replaced by computers because it is nigh on impossible to describe...