NMC Horizon Report 2017: Key trends and challenges of technology in the global HE Sector

The 2017 (Higher Education) horizon report was released a week ago by the New Media Consortium (nmc). It reflects on what the global HE sector is […]

Adobe Captivate – Publishing Your Project On Amazon S3

Adobe Captivate – Publishing Your Project On Amazon S3 As a freelance eLearning designer developer, I often have to share my eLearning prototypes with clients […]

Different Types Of Gamification

Different Types Of Gamification Content Gamification is often understood as a ‘Serious Game’ template where the content is often turned into a game. It is […]

eSafety Program – Equipment Management

eSafety Program – Equipment Management In this video, I’ll show you how to use eSafety Program for a successful Equipment Management. The post eSafety Program […]

Top 5 Tips For Innovative eLearning Content Development – EI Design

Innovative eLearning Content Development Innovative eLearning development featuring creative Instructional Design can be used to make learning sticky. Watch this video for tips and the […]

Asbestos Awareness (Four Part) Online Safety Course

Asbestos Awareness (Four Part) The course for Class III and Class IV asbestos workers which provide the information necessary to recognize asbestos hazards, prevent, and […]

Technology Supported Learning – MaST Programme Embedding Technology

Mark Wilcock (Learning Technology Development Officer) has, over the last few years, been working with the Faculty of Education’s MaST Team, providing support and guidance […]

SPPICE For Learning Simulations

SPPICE For Learning Simulations Extensive experience delivering simulations and virtual environments that closely resemble the real world. Learn about our approach (SPPICE) to Simulation-based Learning. […]

Are You Wasting Time With Your Old Onboarding Programs?

From evaluation to implementation and back to evaluation, InfoPro has a proven six-step process to design your new onboarding training. Maximize the efficiency of your […]

Learning Content Modernization Deriving Ten Fold Value!

Learning Content Modernization Deriving Ten Fold Value! It is clear that enormous value is present in the legacy learning content that has been written by […]

zipBoard For eLearning

zipBoard For eLearning Review your SCORM/html courses online with your team in zipBoard. This video demonstrates steps to collaborate, add comments, assign tasks in zipBoard […]

Understanding The Basics Of A Mobisode

InfoPro invented the Mobisode for mobile learning—a popular topic in the L&D industry. Mobisodes can be created using the resources within your own company. The […]