Google Offline

I was on away this weekend with students at Track Meet and I had loads of questions about using Google Docs and GMail Offline.  This is an […]

4 Ways To Leverage Big Data In Education

Modern tools for eCourse production and LMS delivery platforms provide a plethora of data that can have an invaluable influence on a publisher’s product line. […]

Another awesome feature for Unicheck & Canvas Native Integration – Course Copy

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Adaptive Learning In Education: The Next Gen Of Educational eContent

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Chill Out with Calm

As you get signed in for free, you are immediately greeted by the calming sounds of the ocean, a breeze blowing and birds chirping.  This […]

How To Deal Effectively With The Growing Presence Of BYOD In Education

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Google Drive App is Changing – SOON!

​ I wrote about this a while back and now the time is upon us. Google Drive app is going away in March. I’ve tried both alternatives, […]

Unicheck Plagiarism Checker and Google Classroom: Definitely, a Success

How do you define success? For Google Classroom, the answer won’t just fit in the bunch of sentences and numbers. A tremendous success and a […]

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