5 Tips To Strike A Conversational eLearning Tone Without Losing Professionalism

Between jeans-wearing billionaires and slang-talking politicians, the ‘casual’ approach is invading the corporate world. Can you authentically ‘lighten’ your training material without compromising your sense […]

10 Rules Of Etiquette For Purveyors Of Learning & Development Programs

Do you design with the utmost decorum? Sir Lennington shares his 10 rules of etiquette to help you launch your learning & development programs that […]

7 Hurdles Organizations Must Overcome To Maintain Consistency In Online Training

Are you giving your employees a cohesive online training experience? Or a fragmented and disjointed online training course that only contributes to cognitive overload? In […]

7 Tips To Minimize Online Training Maintenance And Streamline Course Upkeep

When you develop an online training course, you don’t often think about maintenance costs. They can pile up, though, so is there a way to […]

6 Tips To Effectively Use Audio Cues In eLearning Course Design

Soundtracks are powerful enough that they’re often sold as an independent product from their movie/TV show. How can we employ this tool in eLearning course […]

8 Reasons Why Your Online Training Course Breaks The 8-Second Attention Span Rule

Studies suggest the current human attention span (thanks largely to our ‘black mirrors’) is 8 seconds. What portions of your online training content contravene this […]

Emotional Learning: The Crucial Role The Amygdala Plays In The Learning Process

Are your online learners making the right emotional connection with your eLearning content? In this article, I examine what role the amygdala plays in the […]

5 Unconventional Ways To Incorporate Immersive Learning Into Your eLearning Course Design

When you engage something with multiple senses, you’re more likely to remember it. How can we apply this principle to eLearning course design? This post […]

Busting 8 Common eLearning Template Myths

Can anyone use eLearning templates, regardless of their graphic design experience (or lack thereof)? Do they limit your creative control and yield to cookie-cutter eLearning […]

Solutions To Common Custom Training Development Mistakes

Developing your own customized training offers many benefits, but it comes with its share of risks. Identify these common mistakes and learn how to avoid […]

7 Types Of eLearning Templates EVERY eLearning Pro Should Have In Their Personal Library

Some graphic designers worry that templates destroy originality and spawn copy-cat products. Is it possible to use them as an edge in eLearning course development? […]

7 Visual Distractions You Should Eliminate From Your eLearning Course Design

Visuals are meant to improve learner comprehension and allow them to assign meaning. However, misplaced or irrelevant design elements can have the opposite effect. In […]

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