Custom HTML5 timeline for Articulate Storyline 360

Articulate Storyline, is one of the popular e-Learning authoring tools. Storyline is known for its ease in the workflow for developing an E-learning course. It […]


In this webinar, you’ll learn how to utilise the Adobe Captivate Web Object to design and create a more responsive mobile experience for your colleagues. […]

Grouping Slides in Adobe Captivate

  In this video we will show you how to group slides in Adobe Captivate. Grouping slides will also influence your Table of Contents. Creating […]

The Equation of Great Instructional Design Strategy

A+B=C. Such a simple equation, Right! Translated to Learning and Development lexicon it would be something like content added to instructional design gives good eLearning. […]

6 Reasons Why eLearning Development Costs Less Than Traditional Training

Companies that are new to eLearning often worry about having to increase their training budgets in order to introduce this mode of instruction. In reality, […]

Customize Your Customizable Courseware In the Cloud With Lectora Online

Lectora Online users, rejoice! Our Professional Soft Skills Customizable Courseware is now available with Lectora Online source files. You can now collaborate online with your […]

Key Benefits of Custom eLearning Development

One thing about Bond movies that has always attracted me is the specifically designed gadgets, hidden cameras, the pen-guns, the multi-functional automobiles, and the bespoke […]

How to Create Effective eLearning Experience: Key Tips

‘Alohomora!’ Swing the wand and unlock the doors just like that. Things would be a bit crazy if that were to work. But a spell […]

5 Modern eLearning Forms That Prove eLearning Is Very Much Alive

Technology enables us to change the way we live, work, and interact with one another. It changes the way we learn. eLearning allows us to […]

Leveraging Mobility Effectively – Webinar

Mobility done ‘right’ can achieve incredible results. If your customers expect your employees  to perform anytime and anywhere, mobility is the practical solution for performance […]

How to Make eLearning Personalized: 4 Key Tips

So, you browse through the internet, run some quick searches, and then you see various advertisements or suggestions closely related to the topics searched forappear […]

WEBINAR RECORDING: PART 2 – How to turn a linear PowerPoint Presentation into an immersive, interactive Adobe Captivate project.

During our most recent webinar, we shared some insights on how to turn a linear PowerPoint presentation into an interactive Captivate project, with the great […]