A microlearning framework [Pablo Navarro; jvsp.io]

A Microlearning Framework — from jvsp.io and Pablo Navarro This infographic is based on the experience of different clients from different industries in different training programs. […]

“How to Set Up a VR Pilot” + 6 other items re: AR, VR, MR & XR

How to Set Up a VR Pilot — from campustechnology.com by Dian Schaffhauser As Washington & Lee University has found, there is no best approach […]

PD is getting so much better!! [Jennifer Gonzalez]

PD is getting so much better!! — from cultofpedagogy.com by Jennifer Gonzalez Excerpts:     1. Unconferences 2. Intentional professional learning communities (PLCs) 3. Choice […]

Reflections on “Deeper Thinking about Active Learning” [Weimer]

Deeper Thinking about Active Learning — from facultyfocus.com by Maryellen Weimer Excerpts (emphasis DSC): I keep worrying that we’re missing the boat with active learning. […]

“5 benefits of using AR & VR Technologies in eLearning,” “National Museum of Finland Offers Virtual Time Travel,” + 6 other items involving AR, VR, MR, and XR

5 benefits of using Augmented & Virtual Reality Technologies in eLearning — from elearningindustry.com by Christoper Pappas Are you looking for ways to make your […]

“Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual & Augmented Reality” [Grush] + 3 other items on MR, AR, and VR

Hacking Real-World Problems with Virtual and Augmented Reality — from campustechnology.com by Mary Grush A Q&A with Tilanka Chandrasekera Excerpt: Oklahoma State University’s first inaugural “Virtual […]

What can we learn from the past decade of edtech? [UK’s innovatemyschool.com]

What can we learn from the past decade of edtech? — from innovatemyschool.com [UK] Excerpt: We posed this question to a selection of edtech leaders […]

A Curiosity Guide [Ian Byrd]

A Curiosity Guide — from byrdseed.com Ian Byrd Excerpts: Anticipation and Dopamine: In part one of this curiosity series, we explore the connection between curiosity, […]

Using music to teach math. Very interesting! Teachers: Might this approach help 1 or more of your students better connect w/ math?

From DSC: While I haven’t gone through all of these videos/modules/practice problems, I find the idea of using music to teach math very intriguing. So […]

“The Best Augmented Reality of 2017 ” plus 4 other items on AR and VR

The Best Augmented Reality of 2017  — from next.reality.news by Tommy Palladino Excerpt: The augmented reality industry made great strides in 2017, but its apex […]

Talk about displaying your students’ artwork throughout your hallways!!! (What about on your connected “TVs?”) Talk about discovering & displaying art masterpieces! Wow! Very cool.

From Elliott Masie’s Learning TRENDS – January 3, 2018. #986 – Updates on Learning, Business & Technology Since 1997. 2. Curation in Action – Meural […]

DC: The next generation learning platform will likely offer us such virtual reality-enabled learning experiences such as this “flight simulator for teachers.”

Virtual reality simulates classroom environment for aspiring teachers — from phys.org by Charles Anzalone, University at Buffalo Excerpt (emphasis DSC): Two University at Buffalo education researchers […]