When Training Is or Is Not the Answer

Before scheduling training to correct performance gaps, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Does the gap exist because employees don’t know how to do the […]

Micro Leadership: How to Lead When You’re Not the Leader

Leadership is possible no matter where you are in an organization’s hierarchy. People in management and leadership positions had to start somewhere – and most […]

Identify the Reason for Training

Investing in employee training is not an activity that should be taken lightly. Unfortunately, it often is. Every day, countless organizations send their employees to […]

Leadership Amidst Chaos

Today’s organizations are finding themselves in chaos more often. Layoffs, poor economic conditions, and structural changes are causing leaders to become caught up in confusion, […]

Training Dangers

If your primary purpose is to close a performance gap, think carefully before choosing participants. Some might not need the training and resent having to […]

Benefits and Potential Drawbacks of External eLearning

Licensing external eLearning content can provide you and your organization with definite benefits, along with some potential drawbacks. Again, as we discussed on the benefits […]

eLearning: About External Licensing

When your organization needs eLearning programs but doesn’t have an internal program in place, external licensing of eLearning may be a good choice. Many eLearning […]

Applying Leadership to Operations Management

As most leaders know, management is a separate entity from leadership. Many organizational leaders have difficulty doing one and continuing to do the other. And […]

The languages of the world are more interesting than your thought

English is one of the most used languages in the world. There are over a billion people in the world who communicate in English as […]

How E-learning Can Benefit Companies – Corporate Training

Today, in the middle of the era of innovation, e-learning takes a prominent place in corporate life. Every business implements various methods to gain high […]

Name your best customers

“A while back I was in a meeting with a marketing leader of a Global 100 software firm. He shared a story about their new […]

Training Needs 6: Recurring and Required Training Needs

Summary: As you are assessing your organization’s training needs, remember that some needs occur because they are required or because they recur on a frequent […]