4 Surprising Ways Video Is Changing Education

In today’s world, the influence of video is unparalleled. People around the world spend billions every year on the movie industry. YouTube alone streams over […]

Dealing With Challenges in Agile Methodology

How to setup your team to get the best out of agile principles source: Indian Turtle Agile gets its share of criticism. Many articles(like this, this, […]

Typography, Feedback, Design and Dev Conferences 2017

zipBoard Digest How Typography Affects Web Design Understanding typography can help create an appealing website Feedback Can Make or Break The Process Why feedback is important and […]

Improving the Factors That Impact Good Training Experiences

Earlier this week I was talking to a former colleague who's a director in a technology organization, and she recently attended a two-day training session. […]

Feedback Can Make or Break The Process

Why feedback is important and how to make the most of it When done right feedback helps improve products, propels processes forward and helps spread, as […]

First impressions on Turnitin Feedback Studio from Sussex staff

This week, we provide a summary of first impressions from members of staff at the University of Sussex on Turnitin Feedback Studio. Between July and […]

The Importance of Providing Feedback to Employees

For managers and team leaders, providing feedback to employees is an important part of the leadership role – but it’s also one of the most […]

Moodle Help – Feedback vs Questionnaire module? #moodletips

Do you know how effective your moodle course is for your students? Are you taking their opinion about the course? By default Moodle includes Choice, […]

Managers failing to grasp what their customers think

We live a big data driven age where organizations have seldom had as much information about consumers as they do today, yet a recent study […]

How to solicit feedback after a course using Adobe Captivate Prime

I found a question in my inbox today and thought the answer might interest others. The question in a nutshell is, how can I get […]

Add Value to Recycled PL

Yes. Professional Learning is not as fresh as you suspect. Let’s get that out-of-the-way immediately. It is normal to calculate a presentation, class, or training […]

Repairing/Editing Themes in CP2017

Why this short post? If you have read my article about the 3 most important stumbling blocks for Captivate (newbie) users, you’ll know that Themes are amongst […]