Translation Guide for Instructional Designers and SMEs

You’re working on a new project. There isn’t a lot of time left and you need answers to your questions soon. So, you type up […]

Time savers for teachers: A more efficient you!

Time is always a factor for teachers. Looking for some time-management, productivity ideas to get more done? Look no further. (Public domain image via's […]


  I think that feedback is one of those constructs in education that seems both ‘common sensical’ yet elusive at the same time. It is […]

The Feedback-Friendly Classroom

How do you create a Feedback-Friendly culture with your learners? Join the Book Club for the month of January, 2018, starting January 9 online at […]

What You Need To Remember During eLearning Project Reviews

Source: Clint Clarkson A successful e-Learning project stands on multiple pillars and involves many aspects that ensure success. With a variety of stakeholders, like instructional designers, […]

Elearning project review essentials,Product Manager-Why needed?

zipBoard Digest What You Need To Remember During eLearning Project Reviews A successful e-Learning project stands on multiple pillars and involves many aspects that ensure success. […]

5 Things Your Training Company Needs to Stop Doing Now!

Spotting issues in your business which may turn into bigger problems further down the line can be quite challenging, especially if you’ve been involved in […]

9 Essential Components of Effective Teams

If the team who runs a company is performing with excellence, the performance of that business will skyrocket. The difference between brands lies in the […]

3 Ways to Grade Faster

How many weekend television programs have you “watched” while filling the coffee table, the couch, and -surprise- some of the floor with the papers you […]

Turnitin Feedback Studio Resources

Recently, Marianna, Karl and I have been working on developing introductory materials for using Turnitin, and it’s update to Grademark – Feedback Studio. They have […]

Dark Patterns Harm Usability, Which CMS to choose?

zipBoard Digest Dark Patterns Harm Usability Dark patterns in design are one end, an ethical issue. How fair it is to try and push the […]

How to Help Struggling Adult Learners

Young students may be open to receiving helpful guidance or critiques from their teachers, but adult learners tend to have a much different perception of […]