W/ the workforce predicted to have upwards of 50% of us being contingent workers, are we preparing our students for this new world?!

From DSC: With some predictions saying that the workforce is going to be composed of upwards of ~50% of us being contingent workers, (I’ve already […]

Not exponential change!? Better think again. Per “4,000 sr decision makers across the world, 45% say they are concerned about becoming obsolete in just 3-5 yrs”

  The next era of human|machine partnerships From delltechnologies.com by the Institute for the Future and Dell Technologies   From DSC: Though this outlook report […]

DC: Helping our students in K-20 learn how to learn. Post includes several resources re: metacognition.

From DSC: From an early age, we need to help our students learn how to learn. What tips, advice, and/or questions can we help our […]

“As educators, how do we prepare today’s students for a future employment landscape that is vastly different from what we ourselves have known?” [Niehoff]

Training today’s learners to be the hired guns of tomorrow — from gettingsmart.com by Michael Niehoff Excerpt: Freelancer. Free Agent. Independent Contractor. Consultant. Hired Gun. […]

MASSIVE CHANGE!!! “The majority of the U.S. workforce will soon freelance.” | How is higher education reacting to this trend? Or how *should it* react to this trend?!

Freelancers predicted to become the U.S. workforce majority within a decade, with nearly 50% of millennial workers already freelancing, annual “Freelancing in America” study finds […]

Study Explores The Rise In Cafe Working

Walk past your average coffee shop and you’re likely to find a number of people working away.  The rise of the freelance, or gig, economy […]

Each of us needs to be drawing from — and contributing to — streams of content [Christian]

From DSC: Readers of this Learning Ecosystems blog will recognize the following graphic:     I have long believed that each of us needs to […]

Overall, tech-related skills accounted for nearly two-thirds of Upwork’s list of the 20 fastest-growing skills. [Gottlieb]

VR Is the Fastest-Growing Skill for Online Freelancers — from bloomberg.com by Isabel Gottlieb Workers who specialize in artificial intelligence also saw big jumps in […]

Reflections on “Radically open: Tom Friedman on jobs, learning, & the future of work” [Friedman, Engelbert, & Hagel]

Radically open: Tom Friedman on jobs, learning, and the future of work — from dupress.delotte.com by Tom Friedman, Cathy Engelbert, and John Hagel Excerpt (emphasis […]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future [Frey]

Four futurists weigh in on the jobs of the future — from impactlab.com by Thomas Frey    

Using Your Name or a Brand Name for Freelancing?

I’ve been wondering whether it’s best to use your own name for your company when freelancing, or use a “branded” approach instead. I know some of […]

Forget VR & AR, this could be the next big thing in E-learning

Technology is evolving rapidly. The major focus of this evolution is to make things easier for the users and make their life more comfortable. Who […]