Diigo Weekly Bookmarks

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Should Your Online Courses Have a Certificate?

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Sears Holdings Corporation and PulseLearning WIN Gold at 2017 Brandon Hall Awards

Global Learning Solutions provider PulseLearning is delighted to announce that its work for Sears Holdings Corporation (SHC) has won Gold at the 2017 Brandon Hall […]

7 Proven Benefits of Sales Gamification To Boost Sales

Gamification sounds like a buzzword, something gimmicky to people not familiar with the term. At one point, gamification was exactly that–a gimmick. This term was used […]

How To Create Engaging Compliance Courses Using Gamification And Microlearning

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Webinar - IDs are Going Crazy for These Serious Learning Game Techniques

6 Reasons Why Companies Are Getting Serious About Serious Games

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Gamification: Experience Points on the Academy LMS

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Get Your Head in the Game

We know that bells and whistles don’t always improve training experiences. Throwing more EdTech into our learning environments without consideration for its relevance or effectiveness often […]